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    The commune of Riposto in the Catania province of Italy provides a wonderful opportunity for the traveler who wants to take in all of the things that Italy is famous for, all in one place: natural beauty, fabulous architecture, brilliant works of art, and more. From anywhere in the province, one can see the silhouette of furious Mount Etna, the largest volcano in Europe. Or, you can sample the wares of local artisans and merchants at the Catania street market, one of the most famous attractions of its type. Don’t forget the sobering site of the Chiesa di San Nicolo All’Arena, a site no Riposto traveler should miss.Riposto’s discount hotels are some of the nicest in the Catania region of Italy, but not just anyone can find them. The locals here like to keep a secret and if you’re not in on it… is. Our helpful staff will have you in the room of your dreams in no time at all.