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With, vacationers should look for Trecastagni cheap hotels. For a week or weekend, Trecastagni is a place where its sights range in the unassuming to the awe-inspiring. Staying in hotels in Trecastagni, vacationers will first notice how quiet and serene a town it is. Even their churches are not as flamboyant like some in other towns. S. Maria dei Tremonti Church is small with an extremely old oak tree acting as a bell tower. And big ovens are in its big open courtyard where congregants traditionally cook and eat together.S. Francesco d’Assissi’s Convent is a little more ornate with marble and gold-colored decorations. Visitors can take a tour of the room where bodies were embalmed and mummified bodies were collected centuries ago. The town of Trecastagni is not very far from the more looming attraction of Mt. Etna. This volcano is always erupting and anyone staying in Trecastagni hotels would feel its rumblings. Vacationers can enjoy the beautiful juxtaposition of the town’s sights with the volcano’s eruptions while staying in discount hotels Trecastagni offer.