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The Italian city of Valverde is part of the province of Catania. Valverde, which means “green valley” is a popular location for tourists. Many of them come to see Mt. Etna, an active volcano. Over the years, many of the historic buildings in Valverde have been buried underneath a layer of volcanic lava from Mt. Etna. But, you can see the remains of many historical places, such as the Greek-Roman Theatre from the 2nd century, the ruins of the Roman Aqueduct, The Odean from the 3rd century, and many more. The city center of Catania is home to many religious buildings, and is a UNESCO world heritage site.Gastronomic delights await you at the restaurants in Valverde. Locals and tourists as well enjoy the many different Italian dishes served at the various establishments in and around Valverde. Pizza, pasta, secondi, cannolo, wine – if it’s Italian, you can find it in a Valverde restaurant. Hotel restaurants are also a good place to discover the different types of Italian cuisine. Hotels in Valverde are best secured in the months before you plan to take your trip to Italy. You can locate budget hotels in Valverde with the help of