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Scerni, a beautiful little commune in the Abruzzo province of Italy, has just about anything an Italian tourist could want, and more. From here, you can see not only the history of the region, but also the natural beauty of the land in its current day. Visit relics of the past such as the famous San Pellegrino religious site or the abandoned Bomba village. Then, when you’ve had your fill of that, try a hike into the fabulous Gran Sasso mountains. There are trails of all types, for all levels of hiker, so don’t feel too badly if you aren’t experienced; you can still take advantage of what Scerni has to offer.Scerni may be a small commune, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in the number of attractions available for you to visit. Don’t lose sleep wondering if you’ll get the hotel room you’re desiring – make sure you get it with’s expert booking and planning services.