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Vasto is the kind of city you want to visit when you just aren’t sure what side of Italy you want to see. Situated in the Abruzzo province, Vasto allows you to partake in a number of different attractions that show off all the features that Italy is well known for. Natural beauty can be found in the Majella national park, or the Gran Sasso mountains, but you can also check out local history and culture by visiting the Castel del Monte, one of the most intricate and imposing barricades left over from the war. The abandoned Bomba Village can be a particularly sobering sight as well.Vasto is a city full of sights for the young and old alike. No matter what reason you have for traveling, when you get here, you’re going to want to relax and enjoy your stay in style. That’s why you need the expert services of With us, you’ll never pay more than you have to, and still get the best quality accommodations.