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    The town of Brunate is found in the province of Como, in Northern Italian region of Lombardia. Located just a few kilometers away from Lake Como, Brunate is a town rich in art and entertainment. Start your trip to Brunate with a visit to the Faro Voltiano, a light tower that spreads its white, red and green light at night. Take a ride in the Funiculare, a gondola which will transport you suspended in the air down to the town of Como. The view you will be able to enjoy from the Funiculare is almost impossible to describe; people from all around the world come to Brunate just for this experience.Finally, if you love lakes, Brunate is perfect for you as not only is it close to Lake Como, but also to Lake Alserio and to Lake Ligano. This is a great area if youre looking for a relaxing vacation near the water. If you want suggestive landscapes and some relaxing time in the water for a weekend, Brunate could be the place for you. Use to find the discount hotels Brunate has to offer; in Brunate, cheap hotels can be a great way to save money. Youll be able to find a number of Brunate hotels, as well as places to stay in the surrounding area; check the Internet for info on hotels in Brunate before you pick the one right for your needs.