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    Cernobbio is another one of those wonderful little towns on the banks of Lake Como that also extends into the hills at the foot of Mount Bisbino; there are around 7,000 inhabitants in this town, but the place can get quite packed during high season, given its immense popularity with tourists. The waterfront is tree-lined and boasts a spectacular floral display; moving into the town, the old, narrow streets and piazzas give the town an enchanting air. There are numerous cafés, restaurants, shops and ice-cream parlors. If youre in the Lake Como area for a weekend, Cernobbio is a great place to check out. Along the lake, youll find numerous historical villas that pretty much characterize the entire area; most were built in the 1800s, though many were constructed over pre-existing ancient structures, sometimes dating to either Medieval or even Roman times. The villas were initially the vacation homes of the Italian and European rich; now, many are used as Cernobbio hotels, conference centers or simply tourist attractions. One of the most famous of these transformed villas is the Villa DEste, now used as a luxurious hotel. Another is the Villa Erba, used as a conference center, while the Villa Pizzo is simply a historical monument. As for discount hotels, Cernobbio itself may not offer much, as many hotels in Cernobbio are quite luxurious; but in the area surrounding Cernobbio, cheap hotels can definitely be found. Check out to find a hotel for you.