Hotels in Amantea

Amantea Details

Whether you are looking for a place in Italy to stay for a month or just a weekend, Amantea is one of the most beautiful towns you can choose. Located at the mouth of the River Savuto where it opens up to the sea, hotels in Amantea are sure to make for a pleasant vacation. Aside from being close to the town port, Amantea hotels allow you to view and seek Bronze Age and Iron Age artifacts near the rivers mouth. If you are looking for discount hotels, Amantea accommodations should not be overlooked.With the help of services, youll be able to find Amantea cheap hotels near the historical center of town that dates back to ancient Roman times and visit the Amantea castle, which is a major tourist sight in the area. If you are looking for a quaint little town with lots of history to visit during your tour of Italy, be sure to visit Amantea for at least a couple of days.