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The town of Belvedere Marittimo is found in the south of Italy in the region of Calabria. The town is actually divided into two separate areas of the village, called “paese,” or countryside, and “marina,” or seaside. The paese region is the site of the historic medieval town, while the marina district was built later, around the original historic center. The marina area is where the budget hotels are likely to be found, and can help you to find the best discount Belvedere Marittimo hotels.The Castello del Principe, or Castle of the Princes, is a major attraction in Belvedere Marittimo. It was built on the highest hill in the area in 1,000 AD by the Normans. Later, it was restored by the Spanish to its current form and appearance. Also in the town is an ancient Roman tower that is still visible, and the Church of the Rosary that was built in 1091. Though built much later, the San Daniele Monastery that dates from the 16th century is also worth a visit.