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Beautiful Cassano allo Ionio near the coast of the Ionian Sea and situated firmly in the Cosenza province in Italy, has quite a few natural treasures to offer the traveler intrepid enough to come within its borders. First of all, make a stop at the Civic Musuem, where you can get a sense of what the local culture is all about before setting off to see the rest of the attractions. Take in some artistic offerings at the Dell’acquario opera house, or even relax by taking a swim in the pristine Lake Arvo. There’s just no shortage of things to do and see here.Cassano allo Ionio is a small town but not unheard of. It gets its fair share of travelers year round who are eager to take in all the wonderful sights that it has to offer. If you plan visiting here and want a discount hotel of your own, you’ll need to book ahead with