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Maiera gets its name from an old Spanish word, meaning mountain. The name is understood when you first see the town, which is built 360 meters above the Mediterranean, perching in a way that might seem precarious from a distance. The Spanish influence is still felt in the town today, perhaps most uniquely in the abundance of the peperoncino, or hot chili pepper. The Spanish brought these peppers to the ideal growing conditions in Southern Italy’s Calabria, and in fact you can learn all about the pepper and its influence on the town at Maiera’s Peperoncino Museum. In local restaurants, you can also sample the pepper in local specialties.As you walk through the town, you can enjoy a number of free art displays. There are several murals painted on the walls throughout town, and on unexpected corners there are ceramic art creations. All streets in Maiera will eventually lead to the Piazza Ducale, the town’s main square. The Peperoncino museum is through the pedestrian tunnel and up the stairs. Be sure to check with when you look for your budget Maiera hotel or for other cheap hotels in the region.