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Located in the boot of Italy, Malito is a tiny commune with under 1,000 people. Found in the Cosenza province in the Calabria region, this medieval town is known for its hillside homes built of stone and breathtaking landscape.Vacationers who stay in hotels in Malito will find this destination offers them access to some of Italys most notable landmarks. Although more than a stones throw to Rome or Milan, discount hotels in Malito give visitors the opportunity to explore the beaches of the Thyrrenian Sea, see the Sila Mountains, take in the Savuto Valley and enjoy the historic sites that make this small commune a memorable place to pin a vacation upon. Other attractions worth seeing in the nearby region include the Church of San Domenico, the Monastery of the Virgin and Hohenstaufen Castle. While Malito is far from Italys largest commune, it packs a punch for those who wish to see the Calabria region and take in ancient sites, mountain vistas and seascapes all in a single trip.