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Located in the southern portion of Italy, in the Calabria area in the Cosenza Province, is the village of Morano Calabro. Morano Calabro is a conglomeration of Italian history, art and culture. The town is built on a hill and has winding streets that are very narrow. For a stimulating and interesting weekend, Morano Calabro is the perfect destination. The Centro Studi Naturalistici del Pollino is a center for the study of the geologic periods of fossils, minerals and fauna of the Pollino National Park and the area of Calabria. Churches such as the Church of Saint Nicholas, the Convent and Church of S. Bernardino and the Collegiata di S. Maria Maddalena, are quite striking. The ancient ruins of the Norman Castle are very famous. Morano Calabro hotels are located throughout the city. Hotels in Morano Calabro are very accommodating. Youll find their amenities are more than acceptable. With regards to discount hotels, Morano Calabro has some of the most affordable in Calabria. When deciding to stay in Morano Calabro, cheap hotels are the best way to have extra funds in your budget for more important things, like shopping. Its easy finding the perfect hotel for the perfect price at