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Known as the Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea, Paola is located in the province of Consenza in Southern Italy. It is a small town, but is rich in history and religious buildings. Visitors to Paola usually head for the t-shaped beach area at some point during their visit. It is a grand setting for water sports as well as relaxing in the sun. Many people visit this lovely town for religious reasons. There are many attractions in Paola that have to do with religion. You'll want to be sure to take a look at the Fountain of the Seven Channels. Locals of Paola built this fountain during the 16th century. Paola is the home of a lovely sanctuary that has been dedicated to St. Francesco Di Paola, and many thousands of people make a pilgrimage to the sanctuary each year. Paola is actually the birthplace of St. Francesco.Visitors will find that there is lots to do in Paola. Take a tour of the Holy Rosary church, view the historic clock tower and city hall, or pay homage to St. Francesco Di Paola at the beautiful sanctuary that has been erected for this purpose. You can take advantage of the many shopping venues located in convenient shopping centers scattered about town. The atmosphere of this little town is quite unique, and this carries over to the hotels in Paola. Most who plan to travel here are looking to book a cheap Paola hotel, and this can be best accomplished by visiting You'll discover listings of Paola hotels and their amenities, and can choose a room to suit your specifications in no time at all.