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Named for the monk of the same name, San Lucido is found in southern Italy in the region of Calabria. San Lucido lived at the town’s monastery, and his name, which translates to ‘lucid,’ is felt to have significance in relation to the religious monuments of the area. will have the best information on budget San Lucido hotels, as well as other discount hotels in the region.One of the best attractions in San Lucido is its location overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. The waves of the sea actually break across the cliffs at the foot of the village. The Aeolian Islands can be seen from the town on clear days, and make for an interesting side trip. In its position as the ‘toe’ of the Italian boot, the town has been inhabited by many different cultures. Early archaeological digs indicate the Bruti once lived here, a native tribe who fought with the Greeks against the Romans. The church of Sant’Annunziata is a Romanesque-Gothic structure in the town, and the church of San Giovanni sits near the San Lucido castle.