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    Scalea is found in Cosenza, Calabria, southern Italy. This is a small town on the Cedro Riviera with a population of 10,027. The sea contrasts with the remains of the old town wall, the natural ampitheater in the Piazza de Palma, and the modern structures such as the Most Holy Trinity Church. The Talao tower, once situated on the Island of Tao until it joined the mainland, is a 16th century structure. Scalea retains its past as a former center of learning under the Aragonese and Spaniards and its present as a seaside resort. If you spend a weekend, Scalea offers a chance to enjoy the Scalea Marina and to visit the old town with its Palazzo dating to the 13th century and the Spinelli Princes. Include the Antiquarium Tore Cimalonga located in the Area Archeologica in your tour. If you plan to stay longer, sojourn at any of the Scalea hotels located along the Tyrrhenian coast. If you are on a budget, check out Scalea cheap hotels or look around for discount hotels. Scalea does offer you a chance to enjoy your stay without overtaxing your pocketbook. Check with for the best rates for hotels in Scalea.