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The province of Cremona is located in the northern Italian region of Lombardy. The area encompassed by the province has been inhabited with some regularity since Neolithic times. There are numerous protected natural parks in the province, such as the Parco Regionale del Serio and the Riserva Naturale Naviglio della Melotta, among many others. The province is famous for the production of string instruments, particularly violins; indeed, it was in this province that the world famous violin maker, Antonio Stradivari (Stradivarius) was born and lived. If you visit the capital city of the province, also named Cremona, make sure to check out the Cathedral, originally built in Romanesque style, but later adorned with Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque elements. The Torrazzo di Cremona, a watch tower, is also worth a visit; it was built in 754 and at one time was considered the highest watch tower in Italy. Take a trip outside the city and visit the town of Casalmaggiore, well-known for its beautiful municipal building and the banks of the famous River Po.