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    Cuneo is a province in the northern Italian region of Piedmont; it is actually the oldest Italian province. It touches France at its western border and the Alps surround it on the west and south. The first passage through the Alps, which connected Italy and France, was made in this province in 1480; it can still be traveled on foot today, at an altitude of roughly 2880 meters. Take a trip to the capital city of the province, also called Cuneo, to visit Villa Oldofredi Tadini, constructed in the 14th century and originally used as an observation tower to help defend Cuneo. You should also check out Villa Tornaforte, an ex-Augustinian monastery that was turned into a villa; today, a mysterious air hangs about the building, also thanks to stories told by its owner. Head out of the city to explore some of the other towns of the province, such as Acceglio. Here, youll find the remains of a 14th century castle and the remains of an ancient Franciscan convent. If your travels take you to Piedmont for a weekend, Cuneo is the perfect place to visit.