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    Cuneo is a city in Piedmont, as well as capital of the province that is also called Cuneo in Northern Italy. It has been called The Town of the Seven Sieges. This is because Cuneo was sieged that many times over a period of years. Attractions in this area include the Cathedral of Santa Crocstaye, which was built in the 18th century, the Chapel of Santa Maria del Bosco, part of an ancient Benedictine abbey built in the 16th century, torn down by enemies, then built again in the 19th century.Nestled at the bottom of the Maritime Alps, Cuneo is known around the world for its blown glass. Take a guided tour of the Bossea Caves, visit the Maritime Alps Nature Park, or check out all the attractions in the Piazza Galimberti. Hotels in Cuneo are many and varied, and if you are looking for a budget Cuneo hotel, look no further than