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The Piedmonte region of Italy is known as a major wine producing area of the country, and the town of La Morra is no exception. Located about 50 kilometers from Turin and about 40 kilometers from Cuneo, the village of about 3,000 people is in the middle of northwestern Italy’s red wine country. Wine lovers will certainly enjoy touring this region in order to sample the different varieties, and here at we can help you to find the best budget hotels in the region for your trip.In La Morra, it is the Nebbiolo grape that has become famous in the small town. The vine has been considered so valuable in the past that penalties for cutting one down ranged from a mere fine to more severe consequences, including hanging. Wine production is still the main source of income for the town, and the vineyards are incredibly lovely as well. Be sure to see the town’s castle and tower, particularly at night when they are especially beautiful.