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Barbaresco and Barolo wines are native to this village north of Italy. Wineries and vineyards are a common sight in this town equally buzzing with structures to be visited every weekend. Neive has its share of religious structures that attract tourists. Among them are the Church of Pietro and Paolo. Built in 12th century, it has undergone renovations to become the Parish Church. There are also long standing towers that became the landmark of this area: the Monastero tower from the 10th century and the Torre dell'Orologio, believed to have been built in 1224. When in Neive, you also wouldnt want to miss the Palazzo dei Conti di Castelborgo, inside of which is a picture perfect garden open to the public. Theres also the Casa Cotti Ceres where theres a huge collection of gunshots and cannonballs placed in the walls of the house.The accommodation in Neive will bring you closer to nature. The hotels in Neive offer an excellent view of the vineyards that surrounds the village. Even with discount hotels, Neive offers a unique experience of wine and the old ways. Most of the Neive hotels are family owned and you can experience the regular life of the people here. If you get your reservation online in, you can easily get one of the best accommodations in Neive cheap hotels.