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A small and old town is what youll see of Saluzzo in Italy. It sits at the top of Cuneo just outside of Monte Viso. The population of this small town is at 17,000 inhabitants. A number of tourist attractions can be found in Saluzzo. For one, the 15th century Cathedral of San Chiaffredo features a large crucifix from the year 1500. Another attraction to visit is the Palazzo del Commune which is a castle found north of the town dating from 1462. Another mansion to visit is the Casa Cavassa. It features Renaissance architecture and is now home to the Municipal Museum. The Church of San Giovanni is another must see. It features French and Gothic architecture that includes sculptures from great artists of the Lombard school. Check out the Belvedere for some awe inspiring views of the Italian Alps.Want to experience what a weekend Saluzzo has to offer Begin by searching for Saluzzo hotels today. Right at the safety of your home, you can start looking for cheap Saluzzo hotels as well as first class hotels in Saluzzo. You can do that by going to where you can find great packages, promos, and discount hotels Saluzzo has to offer.