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As in many Italian towns, there is a great deal of history to explore during your stay at a cheap hotel in Aidone, Italy. The town is located in the Enna province on the island of Sicily. If you picture Italy as a boot, then Sicily is the island across from the toe of the boot. The biggest draw to Aidone is its association with the ancient town of Morgatina. The finds at the archaeological digs at Morgatina have been placed in museum collections around the globe. However, you can see some of the most incredible artifacts at the Regional Archaeological Museum of Aidone.You can rarely visit a town in Italy without seeing some religious architecture. From your budget Aidone hotel, youll be close to two lovely churches: the Church of Santa Maria la Cava and the Church of San Lorenzo. Other sites in the province include several locations in the provincial capital, also called Enna. These include the Villa Romana del Casale with its incredibly preserved mosaics and the Castello di Lombardia, the largest castle in all of Sicily.