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            Enna has a unique nickname: the navel of Sicily. It garnered this nickname because it is found in the center of the island, where it sits much higher than the surrounding countryside. But its position gave it another nickname as well: belvedere, or ‘beautiful viewpoint,’ since you can see a great distance from its perch-like location. The city was founded in 664 B.C. by Gela colonists, but has traded hands over the centuries to groups including the Syracusans, Romans, and the Saracens. Today’s visitors can find cheap Enna hotels on, as well as budget hotels in other parts of Italy.The town is an important agricultural center, but it does hold a number of tourist attractions as well. The Museo Archelogico details the history of the town, and is a good first stop to learn about the area. The Castello di Lombardia was built in the 13th century. It once had 20 towers around its walls, but today only six of them still stand. One of the best views of Sicily is from the Torre Pisana, the tallest and most well preserved of the towers. Other sights include the Palazzo Pollicanni, a 15th century gothic and baroque palace, and the Rocca di Cerere, ruins of an ancient Roman temple.