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In the province of Enna is where you’ll find the small town of Piazza Armerina. You’ll find great landscapes in this town since it is located on the three hills of Monti Erei. There are various churches and abundant picturesque sites to see in Piazza Armerina. Among the popular attractions is the Castello Spinelli that features a square castle built during the 14th century. Another tourist destination is the Church of San Giovanni. It is popular for its Norman style architecture. The Villa Romana del Casale is a popular visitors’ attraction for mosaics that are believed to have been from the 12th century. Another popular archaeological site you should not miss is the Morgantina. Ruins from as early as the 4 B.C. can be found here. From shrines to perstylar houses and potteries to furnaces, the curious ones discover a lot of gems in the area.You will find a number of hotels in Piazza Armerina. You can start checking and booking Piazza Armerina hotels with the help of For those on a budget, no need to worry because there are discount hotels Piazza Armerina has to offer. Some cheap Piazza Armerina hotels are even close to the popular destinations in the city. Lodging definitely won’t be a problem. What are you waiting for Book your amazing weekend! Piazza Armerina is waiting!