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    The Italian province of Fermo officially came into existence in 2009. It was formerly part of the Marche Region. The administrative center is the city of Fermo, with a population of about 35,000. This was the home of the famous Roman general Pompey the Great. In Renaissance times it belonged to the Papal States. Fermo is known for its bronze works and for the manufacture of top quality bells. In the town of Fermo you can see the ruins of an ancient Roman theater and a Roman wall. Even more impressive are the 30 Roman cisterns from the 2nd century. There is also a picturesque medieval battlement. The towns cathedral was completed in 1227 on the site of an earlier church. It has an interesting medieval façade, and a rose-window that dates back to 1348. Here you will also see a monument to the writer Giuseppe Colucci. The nearby Church of San Francisco dates to at least 1240, and was largely restored in the 17th century. The Palazzo Comunale dates to the 15th century, and has a statue of Pope Sixtus V. In the Biblioteca Comunale there is a fine collection of antiquities.