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Cento is a city located in the province of Ferrara, in the northern region of Emilia-Romagna. Because of its proximity to the capitals of the three major provinces of Ferrara, Bologna and Modena, Cento has been involved in some of the most important historical events of Italy. The wealth of historical and cultural monuments found in the area attests to this fact. You should definitely visit the Civic Art Gallery, instituted in the 1830s, which houses the largest number of paintings in the world by the famous artist Guercino. One of the most impressive sights of the town is the Rocca, or Fortress, constructed in the 1300s. Finally, check out Piazza Guercino, the square that is the heart of the city.To enjoy some more sightseeing for a weekend, Cento isnt the only place you should visit. The town of Crevalcore, for example, in the province of Bologna, contains an impressive medieval historical center, while the town of Nonantola, in the province of Modena, is famous for its Abbey of San Silvestro. Finally, check out the 18th century historical center in the town of San Pietro in Casale. If youd like to save money on your trip to Cento, cheap hotels are a great solution; visit sites like to find the discount hotels Cento and the surrounding area offers. There are a number of hotels in Cento and in nearby towns; if not in Cento, hotels can be found in places like Crevalcore or Nonantola.