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The city of Vigarano Mainarda is in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. If you are staying in the nearby town of Bondeno for the weekend, Vigarano Mainarda is well worth a visit. Vigarano Mainarda hotels welcome all kinds of visitors. This is a warm and sunny region and hotels in Vigarano Mainarda have comfortable rooms and a wide choice of food. Visit Chiesa dei Ss Pietro e Paolo which dates to 1143 but was rebuilt in the sixteenth century.If you are on a budget then discount hotels Vigarano Mainarda are available. If you book early then you may also find cheap hotels Vigarano Mainarda have vacancies. Try searching the internet on sites such as If you like castles then visit Rocca Possente in neaby Bondeno. If you like art and history then visit the Civic Gallery and Civic Museum both of which are in Bondeno. There are also other towns in this region which are quite close to Vigarano Mainarda and are well worth visiting.