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    The front desk at many Barberino di Mugello hotels will advise tourists to check out the Chiesa di Santa Maria di Vigesimo. This is one of the most popular religious sights in Barberino di Mugello. It originally belonged to the Vallumbrosan Order and its monastery was initially built in 1074, but the current structure dates to the 18th century. Indeed, the façade of the church is constructed in rich Baroque style. The ample loggia of the façade is decorated with statues representing Justice and Mercy. The word vigesimo means twentieth in Latin, and the church derives its name from the fact that it is located at the twentieth mile along a Roman road that led north from Florence.The bell tower, constructed with bricks, houses three bells, two of which are dated, respectively, 1494 and 1522. The interior of the church, which has one nave covered by wooden trusses, contains precious stucco decorations, as well as engraved wooden ornaments and furniture. In the apse area youll find a valuable painting of the Assumption, with the Virgin flanked by Saints Benedict and Anthony. The large baptismal font in enameled terracotta, dating to the 16th century, is also very prestigious, as is the 19th century organ. On the walls, you can admire paintings, dating to the 18th century, depicting episodes from the life of the Madonna.

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