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Barberino Val dElsa is a commune in the province of Florence, in the Northern Italian region of Tuscany; it is situated in the area known as Chianti, famous for its wine. Indeed, the rolling hills of the area are rich in vineyards, along with olive groves and cypress trees that are centuries old. It is an enchanting municipality, whose historical center, enclosed by defensive walls, preserves much of its medieval character. The districts of the municipality are also charming, with churches, fortresses and other buildings scattered throughout the countryside. One of the most characteristic religious structures of the area is the Pieve di SantAppiano; this parish is quite old, dating to before 990. Semifonte is also worth visiting; Semifonte was founded as an imperial fortress that, in the Middle Ages, dared to challenge the power of Florence. Florentine armies completely destroyed the fortress in 1202, but a few remains can still be seen among the vegetation; a chapel to the Archangel Michael was built here in 1594. You should also check out the area around the Tignano castle. To experience the Middle Ages for a weekend, Barberino dElsa is an excellent destination. Use to find the discount hotels Barberino Val dElsa has to offer; if not in Barberino Val dElsa, cheap hotels can be found in the surrounding area. There are a few different Barberino Val dElsa hotels, so do some research on the hotels in Barberino Val dElsa to choose the right one.