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    Figline Valdarno is a medieval town that is located in the Tuscan valley. It is known to be the starting point to a number of historical and cultural destinations, and this is one reason the town is popular with tourists. From this central location, visitors can fan out and visit nearby cities, which have ample historical importance. At the same time, they can enjoy the beautiful Tuscan countryside, which has no rival for miles around. Figline Valdarno is also quite close to the Chianti area, so vineyard tours and other day trips are possible. But, there are also many interesting sights to see right in this city. Built in the year 1200, the Marsillo Ficino is the area that is used for the town market. The actual Town Square of Figline Valdarno is right in the center of the town, and it reflects the medieval heritage of its surroundings.The medieval city walls of Figline Valdarno are still standing in various places. Those visitors who enjoy shopping will appreciate the numerous boutiques and shops that line the town square. You’ll want to be sure to visit the Serristori Hospital, where you can visualize what a pharmacy was like centuries ago. Restaurants in Figline Valdarno are mostly concentrated in the Town Square area, and you can count on enjoying a fine meal. Hotels in Figline Valdarno are classic comfort for a weary traveler looking for a home away from home. Figline Valdarno hotels are clean and inviting, and they welcome their guests from around the world. If you seek a discount Figline Valdarno hotel, let the listings at assist you in locating the type of hotel that will help you to save money.