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    Loggia del Bigallo and Museo del Bigallo are a classic late-Gothic style castle which was commissioned to be built by the brotherhood Compagnia della Misericordia, the Confraternity of Mercy. It was a place to shelter and care for lost and abandoned children, and eventually this care was also for pilgrims and travelers. It stands at the corner of the Piazza San Giovanni and Calzaioli located in the heart of the city centre opposite the Baptistery near the Duomo.The small and little-known Museo del Bigallo was recently enlarged, and was inaugurated in the summer of 2007. The Loggia del Bigallo now houses some restored frescos that were originally on the façade of the building. The fresco scenes depict the work of San Pier Martire, the founder of the Confraternità del Bigallo, and display his care for the poor and disadvantaged in 13th century Florence. It also contains an invaluable collection of art works produced in Florence between the 14th and 16th centuries, with extra pieces being added to the collections as they are restored by the Office for Fine Arts. The museum also houses the Libera Achademia Leonardi Vinci, which is a museum workshop that will display an endless source of documents, works, projects, material for study and research all attributed to Leonardo.

    Address: Vicolo degli Adimari 2, Firenze, Italy

    Opened: 1976

    Phone: +39 055 216086

    Province: Province of Florence