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    Santa Maria Novella railway station Details

    The Santa Maria Novella railway station represents one of the most important architectural breakthroughs in Italy. A national architecture contest was declared in 1932 to design a new train station that would fit into the available space aesthetically. The contest was won by the Toscano group, led by architect Giovanni Michelucci comprising architects Baroni, Berardi, Gamberini, Guarnieri and Lusanna and the construction of the new station began at the end of the same year. The new station was completed and opened on October 30th 1935.The new station was built on the opposite side of the plaza from the Santa Maria Novella church, from which it takes its name. The fabulous atrium is covered by the characteristic glass cascade that seemed to be incorporated in quite a bit of architecture of that era. To make it fit in with the rest of the piazza, the external coverings have been given the colors of the city while inside, the light and airy atmosphere along with art works and sculptures by artists Ottone Rosai, Mario Romoli and Attilio Griselli point to Florences cultural heritage.

    Address: Piazza della Stazione, 50123 Firenze, Italy

    Opened: 1848

    Architect: Giovanni Michelucci