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Reggello is a town of strong religious influence. There is the church of San Pietro a Cascia to prove this. It is known to be the oldest structure in the area. Its intricate design of having an imposed basilical construction which is divided into three naves is a must-see. More of a religious symbol is the bell. Inside the church, you can find the square bell tower. Being religious is not simply getting inside a church; it also means communing with nature. Enjoy your weekend. Regello has La Foresta Di SantAntonio for you to taste what a European outdoor experience should be. When you plan your trip, leave all the booking requests at to have a worry-free holiday by staying in Reggello hotels. Hotels in Reggello keep up with the different preferences of tourists. There are discount hotels Reggello makes available for tourists who still want to enjoy some savings. Reggello cheap hotels are also available for those who are more interested in the travel than the accommodation.