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Scandicci, population 50,136, is a suburb of Florence in Tuscany. As such, if you plan to stay a week or a weekend, Scandicci offers you the chance to be close to Florence without the bustle and congestion. Scandicci hotels provide you with the chance to explore the area, but do not ignore the charms of Scandicci, itself. Take the time to explore the ancient fortified Castle of Acciaiolo with its beautiful gardens. Walk from any of the hotels in Scandicci to Santa Bartolomeo in Tuto or to the Villa Paseri. Scandicci boasts ruins and buildings from the 10th century, including the Badia di San Salvatore a Settimo containing Saint Salavatore within the abbey. Here you can see a tabernacle by Giuliano da Maiano.The discount hotels, Scandicci offers can decrease the expense of a visit to Florence and the nearby towns. can help provide you with the names of Scandicci cheap hotels. From here, you can plan your tour to the Villa Torrigiani built in the 1500s or arrange a visit to some of the nearby hills and the Church of St. Martin to the Palms dating back to 978.