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With a population of 5,700, Scarperia, founded in 1306, is a small town located in Tuscany. Its main street features the 16th and 17th century architecture of the Palazzo Pretoria. The Oratorio della Madonna della Piazza is a small square while the Oratorio dei Terre Moti is near the entrance of town. Famous for its knives, Scarperia hosts the Museo dei Ferri Taglienti or Museum of Cutting Tools in the Palazzo dei Vicari with its soaring tower. You can also make your way from any of Scarperia hotels to the remote convent Bosco ai Frati, once a Franciscan retreat or to VillaIl Torrino, built in 1930, to view its Neo-Gothic splendor and walled gardens.Over a weekend, Scarperia can provide a visitor with an eclectic experience. While you may enjoy the view from many of the hotels in Scarperia, even Scarperia cheap hotels, or even visit the Mostra-mercatto del Ferri Taglienti (Market), you can also venture just outside of town to view the car races. Book with to find discount hotels Scarperia - near the race track.