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Signa is located around 15km from Florence and half that to Scandicci and Lastra a Signa. Staying in Signa hotels allows a visitor to roam the countryside. Many of the hotels in Signa have tours leaving for Florence. Check with to find out whether Signa cheap hotels are available. Also, consider discount hotels. Signa may offer this option.During a weekend, Signa visitors should include the Villa Castellati as part of the itinerary. A trip along the Arno River to Florence is a must, but a visit to nearby Scandicci and Lastra a Signa offers another option. In Scandicci visit the church of S. Martino with its view from the hill, the S. Giusto church melding 13th and 16th century architecture and the Benedictine Abbey of S. Salvaore. At Lastra a Signa, explore the old walls and towers of the Castle of Malmantile. Walk the walls with their seven towers and four doors dating from the early 15th century. Take time to visit the Church of S. Maria and the Piazza della Signoria.