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Vaglia, Italy is located in the Tuscany region. With, travelers can get the discount hotels Vaglia offer for a week or weekend. Vaglia is located frankly near the spot where one of the quirkiest festivals takes place as well as close to one of the most beautiful scenes. Vacationers staying in Vaglia hotels will be in close proximity to Florence where the Festa del Grillo. This free, music-filled festival has stalls set up, selling lucky, singing crickets. Traditionally they were real but now there are only fake crickets used.The must see for those staying in hotels in Vaglia is the Villa Demidoff di Pratolino. This villa is excruciatingly beautiful with meticulous gardens, mystical grottoes and precise overhead shooting fountain waters. But the villas main attraction is the Apennine by Giambologna, a surreal, gigantic man sculpted out of the natural rock in the area. Vaglia cheap hotels are prime spots for vacationers who want to be as close as possible to these wondrous events and sights.