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Vinci is a town in the Firennze province in the Tuscany region of Italy. It has around fourteen thousand inhabitants and is best known for being close to the birthplace of Leonardo Da Vinci. The city was founded in the thirteenth century by Conti Guidi. It is here that you can see the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum. If you are staying in Florence or in nearby Pisa and have a spare weekend, Vinci is a good place to visit. Vinci hotels cater for business travelers as well as tourists and hotels in Vinci offer a warm welcome and good food. If you are on a budget then you might want to stay in one of the discount hotels Vinci has to offer. If you are interested in eye surgery then visit Vincis famous optometrical school. If you just want to relax in the Tuscany hills then Vincis cheap hotels are good for people holidaying on a small budget. Vinci has over half a million visitors a year. While you are there visit the Piazza dei Guidi and the house of Leonardo. About seven kilometers out of town is the Church of Saint Maria with its ancient tree at the entrance.