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        The city of Foggia makes good on your time and your money. Located in the Puglia region, it's a great place to visit because it's affordable and offers some notable attractions worth checking out. Restaurants with delicious food, locals with friendly faces and interesting stories to tell, affordable discount Foggia hotels; the city has it all! Spend some time to look around the local area and you'll be surprised by how much you can enjoy in such a pleasant and robust place.During your stay in this city, spend some time looking for local attractions. There's the Santa Maria de Fovea cathedral, Palazzo Dogana, Passo di Corvo Archaeological park, and many other great sites. There's also the historic Three Arches! You'll probably take a while enjoying what there is to see and do here. Luckily, the hotels in Foggia are quite cheap. Reserving in advance is still ideal though, and the services provided by has you covered there, so there's nothing to worry about.