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The province of Forlì-Cesena is located in the northern Italian region of Emilia-Romagna. Both the cities of Forlì and Cesena are capitals of the province. The city of Forlì has been inhabited since Paleolithic times; indeed, numerous archaeological remains have been found that date to 800,000 years ago. Moving ahead in time, Forlì attractions include monuments from a multitude of historical periods. Check out the Cathedral, built before the 12th century, the Torre Numai, a tower that once belonged to a noble family, and the 15th century Monte di Pietà, an institution created by the Franciscans to lend money to the poor in exchange for a pawned item. Head to the other capital city, Cesena, to check out some more historical and artistic sights. The historical center of the city is still surrounded by the defensive walls built in the Middle Ages; you should also stop by the Cathedral, built in the 1300's. If your travels through northern Italy take you into Emilia-Romagna for a weekend, Forlì-Cesena could be a fun place to visit.