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One of the most important aspects of Bagno di Romagna tourism is its thermal resort, Euroterme. This Bagno di Romagna hotel offers both superb accommodations and amenities, as well as advanced thermal establishments and treatments. The complex is located within a beautiful natural landscape and contains two splendid thermal pools, one of which is covered. The pools are connected and enhanced with such things as waterfalls, water massages, geysers and a suggestive solarium. On site you will find a team of highly specialized doctors and thermal technicians that will guarantee a treatment cycle that is highly personalized.There are a number of thermal and well-being treatments offered by Euroterme, such as anti-aging treatments, anti-cellulite treatments, weight loss treatments, relaxation treatments, treatments for new mothers and soon-to-be mothers, along with many more. These treatments utilize a variety of methodologies, such as mud, steam grottoes, inhalation exercises, products and machines and a vast array of methods aimed at resolving circulatory, rheumatic and respiratory issues. The complex also collaborates with various other structures and hotels in Bagno di Romagna to offer guests outdoor experiences such as horseback riding, hiking, and a walk through nature.

Address: Via Lungo Savio, 2, 47021 Bagno di Romagna FC, Italy

Phone: +39 0543 911414