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    Cesenatico was once a port belonging to Cesena. It now is a seaside resort.You can check out attractions such as the Church of St. Nicholas and the Municipio Gallery. Cesenatico does have many sights worth viewing. The Cologne Marina on Cardoci is in the city center. This building represents the functional movement in Italian architecture in the 1930's. It features little decoration and illustrates an openness of space and design. Bernardi was the architect of the Graftacielo, a 1958 skyscraper. The Municipio Gallery is also from the 20th century, dating to 1926. It is a former fish market. The Church of St. James, however, dates back to the 14th century. Rebuilt in the 16th century, it is dedicated to the patron saint of seafarers. The interior walls are the original, although the façade is from 1957 renovations.