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The province of Frosinone is found in the central Italian region of Lazio. The province has ancient origins, having been inhabited as far back as the Paleolithic. Indeed, thanks to ancient history, the province is rich in archaeological remains and attractions. Within this province are found the five Saturnine Cities, cities that are thought to have been founded together by the God Saturn. One of the cities is Alatri, which is known for its pre-Roman Acropolis, surrounded by megalithic walls. Both the town of Anagni and the town of Arpino are known for their Cyclopean walls; the town of Arpino was the birthplace of the Latin philosopher and writer, Cicero. The last two Saturnine cities are Atina and Ferentino, the last housing an Acropolis, a Roman marketplace and defensive walls that surround the historical center of the city. For some relaxation, head to the town of Fiuggi; activities here include world-famous golf and tennis, among other things. The town is also one of the most well-known Spa centers in all of Italy.