Hotels in Civitella Paganico

Civitella Paganico Details

If you are looking for a place in Italy where you can stay in discount hotels, Civitella Paganico is a nice, small town jus 30km northeast of Grosseto and about 90km south of Florence in Tuscany. Whether you choose to stay a month or only a weekend, Civitella Paganico residents will make you feel right at home in their little town. Civitella Paganico hotels are not abundant, but they do allow you the opportunity to visit the frazioni, or smaller villages and hamlets, that are neighbors and considered parts of the town of Civitella Paganico. When you stay in Civitella Paganico, cheap hotels are not the norm but can be found, especially if you make use of the services at, your premium source for the best deals throughout Italy. Hotels in Civitella Paganico do, however, allow you to easily visit the recently discovered ancient Etruscan tomb, which was uncovered in early 2007 and dates back to somewhere between the 3rd and 1st century B.C.