Hotels in Monte Argentario

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      As far as locating yourself in a place with a number of interesting sights minutes away, hotels in Monte Argentario are an excellent choice. Youll want to stay more than a weekend; Monte Argentario has more to offer than you can fit into a couple of days. For example, there are two ports of call PortErcole and Porto Santo Stéfano as well as several forts. The Fortezza Spagnola (Spanish fort), Forte Flippo, and Forte Stella are all architecturally interesting and historical. Monte Argentario hotels also place you just a few minutes from the Convento dei Padri Passionisti and the Church of St. Erasmus.If you are interested in discount hotels, Monte Argentario has a few, though they may be a little further from the coast and its Via Panoramica (the famous road that runs along the coastline) and the Tuscan Archipelago just off the coast. Still, can help you find comfortable and convenient Monte Argentario cheap hotels so that you can enjoy your excursion to Monte Argentario.