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Going to Orbetello is like going back to the Roman Era with some twists and turns. Although most of the Roman structures are in ruins, you will be greeted with the fortification that was built in the 5th century. Pass through the gate and you will be greeted by century-old-houses and structures. Among them is the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta that was reconstructed in the late 14th century. The lagoon of Orbetello should be visited as well but if you want to know more about it, go to the Orbetello Aquarium and Museum. There you’ll see various marine life as well as the fishing traditions of the community.Travel packages with Orbetello hotels are a breeze when you’re planning to stay here for the weekend. Orbetello is one of those towns in Italy that will provide both historical and great gastronomical experience. The hotels in Orbetello offer great food as part of the package even in discount hotels. Orbetello could be your preferred stop for the whole summer so you need to have an inexpensive hotel. You can find hotels and various other accommodation on where Orbetello cheap hotels are plenty.