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      In the province of Grosseto is where Pitigliano is located. It has a small population of 3,500 inhabitants. This little town can be found in Tuscany’s south area. For an enriching weekend, Pitigliano can be your favorite holiday destination. For one, the Town of Pitigliano is where you will find the battlemented Palazzo Orsini. Situtated in the Piazza della Repúbblica, Palazzo Orsini is a 14th century castle with contributions from the reformations of 15th and 16th centuries. The Cathedral of Santi Pietro e Paolo used to be a medieval building found in the Piazza Gregorio VII. Now it features Baroque façade from the 18th century. The heraldic emblem of Orsini Family is also a popular attraction which features a bear figure in a travertine pillar.Discover the rest of the popular destinations by searching for Pitigliano hotels today. Find the various hotels in Pitigliano by using It can help you find cheap Pitigliano hotels for those under a budget. Why not opt for discount hotels Pitigliano has to offer It will save you more money or provide you more budget for shopping, dining, and other activities you can do in Pitigliano.