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The community of Sorano sits on a tufa outcrop projecting over a deep valley in Tuscany. For a weekend, Sorano is an extraordinary getaway with every approach presenting views and opportunities. On the road from Sovano, there are Etruscan rock tombs and caves in the hillside. Dominating the very center of the town is the Fortezza Orsini built in the Renaissance by capable engineers. This fortress was besieged many times but never captured. There are also several ruined castles in the area, notably Montorio and Ottieri. Staying in any of the Sorano hotels will allow you to explore fully these and other attractions. Use to ensure you obtain accommodation suited to your budget, whether it is Sorano cheap hotels or discount hotels. Sorano and the surrounding area will provide the rest.From the hotels in Sorano, travelers may visit the fresco exhibits in the Town Hall. A visitor may go see the bell tower of the San Nicola Church or sip the towns famous white wine at a little cafe. Take an excursion. Besides the Etruscan tombs, just off the road to Sorano, near Pitigliano, are the ruins of the villa, Parco Orsini.