Hotels in Favignana

        Favignana Details

        To the west coast of Sicily you will find Favignana, famous for its tuna fisheries and its unique way of catching and killing the bluefin tuna. The island contains wonderful beaches, such as Lido Burrone which is highly popular amongst tourists and there are lots of discount hotels in Favignana to choose from, making it a fantastic place to go on vacation.There are many caves in the west side of the mountain in Favignana that are very beautiful, and many local harbor fishermen take tourists to see these early in the morning during the summer; these are very stunning and should definitely not be missed. Pretty bays such as Punta Ferro can be found in the island also, and these are amazing for those who enjoy diving. Whatever reason you have for visiting the island, there are budget hotels to choose from which make your stay fantastic value, as well as an amazing vacation that you will never forget.